The earliest written record of our church history is a registry of births,
confirmations, marriages, and deaths; the first entry being in January of 1856.  The
first log church was built on the site of our current cemetery and dedicated in
1860.  By June 1886, the church was called St. Paulus Church and in 1889 is was
incorporated under the name: The German Evangelical St. Paul's Church of
Shotwell, Franklin County, Mis
souri.  Our current site was purchased in 1904 and a
new church building dedicated the following year.  The parsonage was built in
1950 and the Education building was dedicated in 1964.

Our buildings have been added to and improved upon over the years.  The
buildings we see are a monument to the labors of the membership during these
past 15
8 years.  We thank Almighty God for their efforts, and in His behalf, we look
forward to new opportunities for our service to His Church.

Our future is as promising as it was to those many years ago and we pray that God
will continue to bless us so that we may serve the Lord with Gladness here and
beyond our doors.

Worship is the heart of our Christian life. We gather as Christian community --
people united in Christ. This is the one opportunity each week for the
whole community to join together. We worship God through our Lord
Jesus Christ. We open ourselves to divine presence. We open ourselves to
divine grace, forgiveness, and guidance. We celebrate what God through
Christ has done for us. We do this in the strength of a gathering of brothers
and sisters united by their common loving bond in Christ Jesus.

St. Paul’s United Church of Christ is poised for development; the foundation
is set for a time of rejuvenation and rebuilding. Set in the strong community of
Gerald, Missouri, the church appeals to a strong body of Christians who are
faithful in their worship and in their support of the church. The church school
has taken on a new look in order to appeal to a greater number of children and
to do a more effective job of educating the children of the community in the
Christian story and the Christian values.

The church values a strong traditional worship service that lifts the spirit and
speaks to the spiritual needs of the worshippers as well as inspires their life
contributions to the cause for which they are called by our Lord Jesus Christ.
Some of our Church History
Worship Schedule

Fellowship Time 10:10 am
Church Service 10:30 am
Children's Sunday School begins
immediately after Children's Time
in the worship service (approx
10:45 am)
Special observances at
Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Lent,
and Maundy Thursday
St. Paul's United Church of Christ
Our Sanctuary
Our Church
Some of our beautiful
stained glass windows
The doors of the Church
A postcard of our church circa 1911
Our Perspective