Our Christian Education Program

"For the Bible tells me so" is a line from
a very popular children's song that is a foundation stone for Christian Education.
The Christian story is the foundation to a Christian life and to the redemption of the world.
Therefore, after worship, Christian Education -- the education in the Christian life of
our children, youth, and adults
is our highest priority.

The children  convene for Sunday School right after Children's Time during the 10:30
worship service.
Christian Education
       DECEMBER 2016
A crowded town called Bethlehem
Did you see Mary and Joseph?
Still can't find Mary and Joseph?
Still couldn't find them?
That is Mary in the Blue and Joseph beside her.
Jesus, the newborn Savior!
The baby's room.
Shepherds on duty in Bethlehem.
Those rascally sheep!!
Taking care of the sheep.
Having a midnight snack!
The angels came to visit the shepherds.
The angels began to sing.
The shepherds receive good news.
The shepherds arrive to see Jesus.
The wisemen arrived.
They travelled with gifts.
A gift of gold.
A gift of frankincense.
A gift of myrrh.
The light of the star led them to Jesus.
Time to celebrate!